Monday, February 28, 2011

My Love Story

I met her 9 years ago. It was during her graduation party ( High school). She went to the bar where i was performing that night, ( for those who doesn't know, i used to be singer) Anyway, while i was doing my usual stuff, singing and making people laugh, i heard the most beautiful laugh, (Yeah, i heard her kahit sobrang ingay), I looked up to where the mezzanine was and there she was. I really can't see what she was wearing but i remember that she was wearing a white top and the most dazzling smile I've ever seen. I never believed in love at first sight but at that moment, i think i have.
Anyway, going back to the story, I knew then that i had to meet her, i don't know why, but i had to. After my set, i went up to where she was standing but i couldn't find her, i went down and around the bar but she's nowhere to be seen. It was rotten luck. I kept telling myself, "How fast can she go? I mean i just saw her up there 5 minutes ago". So, there i was, with a sad frown on my face, i went back to the table of some friends i met there and told them what happened, they told me that she'll be around again soon, anyway, Pampanga is just a small town, she'll back. They kept telling me that all night, but i can't get her out of my mind. A few more minutes has passed, i received a text message from 09164755775 that said " Hi this is Rain, hope it's okay that i got your number", Something hit me, its like being splashed with ice water while your sleeping, and i replied back " Are you the girl on the mezzanine earlier?" Then she replied back "Yes". OH MY GOD! i felt that the angels were singing and the sky opened up for me that night. (OA na kung OA pero yun eh), so after that night, i was texting her na everyday, one thing that shocked me was, she was only 16 then! Ay wow, sabi ko makukulong ako.. I am 10 years her senior. Oh shit. That didn't stop me though, i really wanted to get to know her. So, i started calling her every night, i literally have to walk 12 blocks to get to a pay phone so i can talk to her for 5 minutes. My cellphone got lost at this time kaya i had to walk 12 blocks para lang matawagan siya. So to make the long story short, parang naging kami. ( I later found out, ako lang pala ang may akala). It was the happiest moment of my life! and then... She disappeared. She stopped answering my calls, she stopped answering my texts. She just stopped. It was the most painful heartbreak i wen through. It took me a million shot of Gin and beer to finally get over her.

7 years later.....

I decided to try and send her an email because her birthday was coming up.. I don't know how i got her email, or what email that was but she replied! I started sending her emails every now and then, i asked for her number coz i wanted to invite her out for coffee. She obliged, though i knew that she was with someone then and me too, it was just a casual invitation for coffee just to catch up on things.. So there we were at STARBUCKS, catching up on things when i realized, i never really stopped loving her. It was just there waiting to come out. I was cautious though, she broke my heart once and she might do it again.
Anyway, nasundan pa ng marami yung meeting namin for coffee. It was then that i started to get confused. I was with someone then that i didn't want to hurt. She was nice to me and i knew then that she love's me but i can't get Rain out of my head. She's the first one that would pop into my head once i wake up and the last person i would think of before i sleep. That's when i decided to choose. I didn't want to hurt the woman that i was with because i know she deserves better than that and Rain deserves better too. So, i decided to break up with my then girlfriend because there's no one in this world that i want to be with than Rain.

And now, were almost on our 3rd year together. It was never an easy ride for the both of us.. But it's definitely worth the trip...:)


  1. Aaaaw.... (=",=)While reading this it feels like it only happened yesterday.. I'm glad you remembered how we met.. (skipping some details of course hehe :p )

    Thank you for doing this.. I hope you'l maintain this blog with lot's of memories of us together.. coz I know there's going to be a lot more to come.

    I love you my chubby buddy, pudgy, num-nums... :*

  2. Damn! This was a loooooong time ago..